What is the difference between traditional publishing and self publishing with Palmetto?

The biggest difference between traditional publishing and self publishing with Palmetto is the level of control and involvement that the author has in the process. With traditional publishing, authors submit their work to a publishing house that handles all of the editing, design, printing, and distribution. The author has very little creative control over their book, and the publisher is compensated by taking a large percentage of royalties.

Self publishers like Palmetto Publishing fulfill the same essential solutions – namely editing, formatting, design, printing, distribution, and marketing – but you retain creative control and ownership of your manuscript. We’ll offer guidance and support throughout the publishing process, but the author has the final say. 

Some self publishers take a percentage of book sale royalties as payment for their distribution services, but Palmetto Publishing does not. We charge a flat up-front cost that’s easy to budget for and doesn’t scale up when your book flies off the shelves, letting you keep 100% of your hard-earned royalties.