India Epps


On 1124, a few days before Thanksgiving, a little after six o’clock, everything changed. Shots rang out, 22 year old Tionne Jones, local rap artist from Baltimore shot and killed.

The city of Baltimore was bleeding. He was victim #311. Murder was no stranger to this city. Lots of hidden talent that was being suffocated by murder. Life and death was losing its value by the number.

It wasn’t the streets that didn’t play fair, it was the people in the streets, cheating to win and doing anything to anybody to get ahead. Even your own family! He had a passion for music and who would think those balle dup pieces of paper he had in his bookbag at the age of seven, would one day be his legacy. His positive messages left a lifelong impact on society forever. Truiee was blessed with a gift, that allowed his story to become history.


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