H.A. Stuart


This page-turning thriller opens with Scott Deluca sitting on death row for murdering his wife. Years earlier Scott had been recruited as an operative for a top secret group of mercenaries based in Florida. Scott learns that the mission of the group’s leader, Paul Estes, is to rid humanity of major peddlers of human misery such as child molestors, sex traffickers and cartel bosses, as well as occasionally taking on covert black ops for the government.

Scott meets Sage, one of Estes’ former operatives who warns him the job is not what it seems. Sage had been embedded with Estes’ organization by the FBI until Estes became suspicious and sent her on a suicide mission which she managed to survive. After completing a few assignments, Scott learns of a new one-to kill the governor of Michigan. Sage compels him to give details to the FBI, and the mission fails. Estes now suspects Scott and sends him on a dangerous mission to Mexico. Sage warns him that this is the same suicide mission he had condemned her to undertake, but fearing what Estes might do to his family if he didn’t go, he risks everything on a deadly gamble that he realized could lead to his death. Surviving the suicide mission Scott returns home from Mexico a day earlier than expected. He finds his wife in bed with a lover, and executes her in a fit of blinding rage. Although his mind blots out all memories of the crime when he is arrested he confesses out of guilt. Then, on the night of his execution an old friend brings him an offer he can’t refuse. If he agrees to one last mission, Estes can arrange for him to get out of prison and reward him with two million dollars and a new identity. Thrilled at the chance to avoid execution and start a new life Scott agrees to take on the mission. Right up until he hears what the mission is…


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