Jessie B Gurley

Father, You Helped Me

This book was inspired by years of heartfelt pain, hurt and unforgiveness. The journey from childhood to adulthood was challenging and hurtful. The experiences I endured was breathtaking, but through journaling, meditation, reading and praying the Lord gave me strength, endurance, and wisdom. He poured His love into me. With my eyes close, I was able to venture into the darkest part of childhood and adulthood, knowing that He is with me. He allowed me to speak my truth, cry in pain and take in a deep breath of forgiveness. The person I am now is a result of faith, trust, and love in Jesus Christ. When it seems, there is no one to help and to see you through your pain and sorrow, our Heavenly Father, reveals His love, goodness, and kindness; this love is a place of beauty, not only felt but seen.


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