Angela Acker

A Boy Named Vinny

In this country today, one of every 44 children is diagnosed with autism, and that number is higher in boys.


Angela Acker is a special needs mother who will do whatever it takes to get her baby back. Her goal was to achieve that in the most holistic, non-invasive ways possible, and to give her autistic son, Vinny, a more sustainable life. In this highly personal and emotional account of their family’s journey, she tells readers what they did and how much it helped Vincenzo. She talks at length about taking care of his ASD symptoms so her child’s life wouldn’t be so hard. She stresses that parents need to do their own research in order to give well-informed consent when it comes to treating their child. Stop trusting and become the expert!

Parents of special needs children and those in the autistic community will find this book an invaluable resource for learning holistic practices that yield the quickest turnaround to reversing ASD symptoms.


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