Carol Lucas

A Breath Away

After moving into a new home and believing all of their lifelong plans had been achieved, a happily married couple’s existence is shattered by the verdict of incurable disease. When her husband dies, Carol Lucas finds herself immersed in grief and almost dysfunctional. Shortly thereafter, numerous puzzling incidents begin to occur, and she gradually realizes they are more than coincidence. Working her way through sadness, Carol comes to accept that, incredibly, her husband is communicating with her from somewhere beyond this life, and she emerges from this tragedy with a whole new, unexpected outlook.Carol’s memoir is an upbeat, sometimes humorous, always positive story about regaining life-albeit a new one-after loss. By writing about her experiences, she wants to provide comfort and encouragement to those who have lost a loved one, especially grieving widows. After hearing her story, readers just might accept the possibility of life after death, and open themselves to ideas they had not considered before.


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