Glenn German

A Cricket at the Bowl

In this inspirational and beautifully illustrated book aimed at ages 4-10, Wolfgang is a young cricket who lives with his parents at the famous Hollywood Bowl in California. Wolfgang is different from all the other cricket kids. He was born with wings so long that he can’t rub them together to make the cricket song. His parents worry because, unable to chirp, he will never be able to summon a mate when he grows up. Wolfgang is sad and shy because of his uniqueness, right up until the life-changing moment when he first hears one of the world’s most gifted violinists playing onstage at the Bowl. He is deeply moved by the beautiful music. Instinctively he folds one of his long wings over his shoulder, and by drawing his arm across it, is able to reproduce the violin’s amazing sounds. On the night of the final concert, the violinist has an accident and is unable to perform. Wolfgang reveals his rare talent to the orchestra conductor, and he is tapped to play that evening. Wolfgang’s performance is breathtaking and his greatness undeniable. He will never be sad or silent again.

As the father of a special needs child, the author wishes to help children appreciate that the very things making them different from most people also make them incredibly special.


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