Pandora Frank Hamilton

A Glimpse of Tomorrow

Ever since a near death experience as a teenager, Jamie Bennett has had sporadic visions of the future, including that of a wounded soldier. Now an aspiring fashion designer, Jamie and her best friend and business partner Cate are building their career. When Cate suggest they attend a concert to blow off some steam after being awarded a big design job, Jamie reluctantly agrees, but is shocked to discover the opening act, country musician Seth McKay, is the soldier from her vision. After meeting Seth backstage, the two form an instant connection and begin a long distance relationship. But not long into the relationship, Lexi, a fellow performer who is obsessed with Seth, threatens to derail their happiness. While on a concert tour in England, Seth proposes but is their love strong enough to sustain Lexi’s jealousy and plot of revenge? Will Jamie’s visions become a reality? A tale of love at first sight, A Glimpse of Tomorrow tells the story of two young lovers whose careers and talents lead them to success and to each other.


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