Dr. Carl R. Ackerman

A K-Drama Voyage

Demand for television programming depicting Korean popular culture is steadily growing in the wake of the Korean Wave, which gave rise to worldwide interest in South Korea’s cultural economy. Author and ardent devotee to K-dramas, Dr. Carl Ackerman noticed an uptick in the availability on most streaming services as a result. Longing to offer access to an even wider audience, Ackerman has penned a joyful and reverent written analysis of the movement. “Millions tune in to watch Korean entertainment daily and streaming giants, such as Netflix have started adding K-drama to its platform,” Ackerman said. “It is clear that people want to watch this form of entertainment.”

A K-Drama Voyage offers readers an American perspective on the cultural phenomenon of Korean drama. Examining the significance of K-dramas on society, Ackerman provides both a guide and an enlightening reference about life not only in Korea but the world at large. “This book represents the first of its kind in the English language and will surely attract readers and bloggers across the globe who love what the South Korean nation has provided for all-splendid, entertaining, televised stories,” Ackerman said. A K-Drama Voyage is available for purchase online at Amazon.com.


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