Michael Broome

A Lizard, a Parakeet, and a Methodist Grandmother

This heartwarming memoir short story collection is a slice of a North Georgia kid’s childhood in the 1950s with local Southern flavor, family members, friends, and special places that Michael Broome wishes never to forget. His thirteen stories are humorous, personal, folksy, and sometimes a bit off-color, but the realism and emotional importance to the author are apparent. While some characters reappear and important events and places are referenced more than once throughout the collection, each story stands alone. Experience the humorous yet sentimental event of his christening, his grandmother’s attachment to their town’s bedraggled “Huck Finn” youngster, his aunt’s clever and loquacious pet parakeet and his rather vulgar contribution to the minister’s blessing at a Methodist circle meeting, and the presentation of his pet lizard to the prim and proper but high-strung county librarian, and much more.

Folks who grew up in the South during the 1950s and early 1960s and who’ve never lost their love for home will cherish these stories reminiscent of Bailey White or Lewis Grizzard.


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