Lindsay Johnson

A Mother’s Guide for Manifesting JOY

Motherhood comes naturally and joyfully to many women, but not to everyone. Going through her own four-plus year roller coaster journey as a new 40-year-old mom, Lindsay Johnson learned a lot along the way. Important things such as how to create balance in one’s life, how to (sometimes) serve oneself before others, and that it is perfectly normal not to be that enviable natural supermom so many other women are born to be.

In this honest, open, and genuine conversation with mothers, Lindsay’s goal is to help those who may be struggling and lead them back to finding the joy again, using her energy-based tools, abundant resources, candid stories of personal and client experiences, a wry sense of humor, and a whole lot of honesty and love.

This book is a perfect gift for women in all stages of motherhood, as well as like-minded wellness facilitators striving to help others.


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