Nicole Hinson

A Raven’s Heart

When Mercy McCallister’s parents die, she is taken away to a mysterious manor house. There she begins to have strange visions about the past and future. She meets up with Matt, a guy from her school, and the chancellor’s son, Nik, who tells her about a curse that plagues the local people. Mercy discovers secrets about her family and herself that are shocking. Both men fall deeply in love with her only to reveal they have some dark secrets of their own.

As things start to unfold, she discovers it must be a witch in her own bloodline to end it all. Someone has been kidnapping and killing McCallister girls for decades in the hopes of doing just that.

A ball is held every year in honor of those lost to the curse. During this year’s ball, Mercy is about to break the spell that binds them when she is kidnapped by someone she never expected. She is rescued by Nik, only to be taken again by the true killer. A witch intervenes but Matt is harmed in the process, forcing her to choose between his life or Nik’s-an impossible choice.


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