Gia Khay

A Twin Flame Mystery

Becoming the psychic detective of your own life can lead you to your deepest awakening. Release the idea that you are a victim of your life, and take back yourpower! Higher perspectives, healing from past wounds & trauma, releasing karmic & toxic cycles, opening up to soulmate love and true love (within and around), and stepping into your divine self-sovereignty are all available in this book. The author, Gia Khay, has reached a space of inner peace and tranquility- her spiritual path is authentic. Like many of us, she once felt lost in this world, disconnected from her truth and true self. But, now, she is fully connected to her Empress energy and soul…

Gia is passionate about healing the inner child, the power of God & Spirit, self-healing, overcoming blocks and internal resistance to self-evolution, and the existence of Twin Flames; an ideal love where two souls unite for a higher purpose. Many people have had a troublesome upbringing with some level of trauma, ignorance, fears and illusions conditioned into us. We have been molded and shaped to others’ wills, spiritual beliefs & practices are not yet totally accepted or implemented by society. We’re still very much acting out from our wounded inner childs! It’s time to release outdated and self-limiting systems and step into the unknown. In the darkness, there is light. You can break generational curses, ancestral and karmic negative cycles, and activate powerful self-healing mechanisms within. You are the healer and creator of your destiny!

Once we awaken, we realize our soul chose exactly the quality of parents and family situations to incarnate into. Each time we dive into the unknown, into the grief and anguish of the human condition, into our childhood wounds and fears, we unlock ever greater spiritual and human passion, power, and unconditional love for all. There is no greater feeling than one of an epiphany, an aha moment, a sudden realization, and the feeling of comfort in our soul that happens when we shift to an expanded perspective about life and our own suffering.

This is a book about spiritual awakening, unifying with the collective consciousness energy field and Gaia. In this book, A Twin Flame Mystery, Gia shows readers how to connect with God, and with the source of your Higher Self.


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