Alison Regis

According to Genifa R. Finch

This small volume by Alison Regis contains the wise sayings and advice her mother gave her as a child and a teenager. Now that Alison is grown, it all makes so much sense, and she wants to pass it on to others, so they can also benefit from the wisdom.

Genifa R. Finch was born in the island of St Lucia. She was very ambitious and not an easy woman, but she loved her children and her family to the point that she would go without so that they might have. Genifa’s own mother once told her, “If you continue to give to people as much as you do, they will always take advantage of you,” but that was simply Genifa’s way. She loved to help others, and she always said she was taking advantage of them because their unkindness allowed her to show them kindness. People will only do to you what you allow, so if you give kindness you will receive kindness. That was why Genifa was loved by so many people.

Alison urges readers to listen to the words and experience of their own grandparents and parents. They have wisdom you haven’t yet learned.


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