Gale Buchanan

Agricultural Research


Important for each of us

The population of the planet has increased by more than 7 billion since the initiation of formal agricultural research in 1843. While there are many reasons that contribute to this phenomenal growth in population, the availability of food is certainly one of the key factors. The success of agriculture that made such growth possible has unquestionably depended

greatly on the success of agricultural research. Therefore, agricultural research has made possible many new lives, as well is making life better for each of us. In fact, agricultural research has affected each of us in some way at some time.

Haven’t you ever wondered?
*Where was agricultural research done that made no-iron cotton shirts
and sheets possible? OR
*Who was among the very first to identify vitamins and their role in
biological systems? OR
*What events led to the development of the first blood thinner? OR
*Who pioneered the use of the airplane in agriculture? OR
*Who developed a means of determining the tenderness of meat? OR
*Who is considered the father of homogenized milk? OR
*Where did the first honeycrisp apple come from? OR
*Where was the research conducted that enables us to enjoy fresh
apples and sweet Vidalia onions year-round? OR
*Who first applied anhydrous ammonia as a fertilizer? OR
*Where was the antibiotic, streptomycin, discovered?


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