Vince P Hennessy

All Scientists Die Sick

The long journey for a cure and experimental science slowly comes to an end for Dr. Kronos Nephus as he and all the unique individuals he has encountered so far head to the main building for R.O.M.A.B.A. Industries in England. The future unstoppable, the people who had lived lives of suffering and solitude for so long are all about to battle for various reasons, all stemming from what Kronos has done. Unsure if this was what his past-self had been planning before his memories were destroyed, Kronos continues forward with an unsteady mind as he tries to understand it all, hoping that he has not made an irreversible grave mistake along his journey. Soon, the unique individuals all meet, and it is a group encounter that will change the course of the future in a way that even Kronos had not predicted.


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