Albert Viator

An Accidental (psy) Warrior

Although trained as a U.S. Army broadcaster, Albert Viator was quickly diverted into PSYOPS-psychological warfare-and spent his one-year tour of duty during 1968 and 1969 “broadcasting” propaganda from a loudspeaker pack on his back and dropping leaflets from helicopters in support of infantry operations. This fascinating and unique book recounts his experiences in Vietnam. He writes in a personal style that involves the reader rather than simply telling what happened. His attention to detail as well as his obvious appreciation for his fellow soldiers and honesty about his own PTSD bring an intimate view and fresh perspective to the Vietnam War. There is some humor, some irony, some anger, but the narrative basically stays positive and upbeat.

Those interested in the Vietnam War, military history, psychological warfare, politics, patriotism, or just plain adventure will be captivated by this book.


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