William C. Knowles

An Alien Destination

Murphy ducked as the first RPG hit the side of the building. Both he and Frank reemerged with their M-16s, and emptied their thirty round magazines into the group of enemy men. What they didn’t see were the group behind a wall who began firing RPG rounds into the complex. Several of the grenades hit the cupola which contained two Naval Infantry soldiers standing guard, the enemy knew it was a manned guard shack and a priority target. They also didn’t see the group on the left who were about to move against the condo complex.

Andrew was the first to take a direct hit from a rocket propelled grenade. It hit him in the mid-section and exploded, bouncing him against the wall as he slide down the wall with his intestines leaking from his body.

Ma Sally ran to Andrew as an enemy solder slid off the roof landing on the balcony next to her. She pulled a knife from her apron and thrust upward pushing the knife under his chin and into his throat. She grabbed her pistol and rapid fired several rounds into his face. Another enemy soldier had slid onto the balcony and Ma Sally emptied her pistol into the back of the enemy solder.

Murphy watched Frank pouring magazine after magazine of M-16 fire into the enemy position. Frank also took a direct hit from a rocket propelled grenade and fell. Elaine stood in the doorway in shock as she stared at the body of her husband.


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