Frederick A. Wilhelm Jr.

An Investment Journey

There is access to a vast amount of information today, but that doesn’t mean it can be understood or made sense of. Sometimes too much information is the same as no information. Even though there are internet search engines, it’s still a struggle to find only the factual information that is relevant.

My goal is to cut through the noise and provide you with the essential information and tools you will need to give you the confidence to become financially independent through investing wisely – To build a solid financial foundation that will provide you with the financial freedom to last your lifetime!

Forty years ago, the hub of the stock market was centered on the trading floors of Wall Street with lots of shouting, frantic brokers, surrounded by discarded crumpled trade tickets.

Technology and the advent of the internet have changed all that with lightning speed. The power of making money is no longer in the hands of a few.

There are unbelievable opportunities now because the investing world has seen one of the most significant evolutions in this century. Advancements in financial technology, or “Fintech,” along with a general movement into online business and interaction, have made finance and investing more available to the general public and led to the democratization of financial markets.


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