Ashanti Hammadi

An Israelite Assessment of Christian Thought

As a former Christian and spending many years of introspecting, delving deep into study, coupled with the desire for much needed clarity, propelled me to raise my academic training. I was then able to piece together vital information from my family’s background to obtain a clearer and more accurate assessment of my belief system which is totally of Hebraic Israelite pedigree. I believe the fortuitous spirit of my father (a son of a slave) and my great- grandfather (on my father’s side) a Hebrew Israelite brought to the shores of the U.S. and sold at the age of 13 to a French family as wedding gift for the daughter of the Lamay family in North Carolina was passed on to me and has assisted in the birth this literary expression.

It is the wisdom of my father and my great grandfather which recognized we as descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob accompanied with diligent research, academic achievement of Doctorate in Philosophy of theology and a Masters in Christian psychology has given me the ability to make this assessment of Christian thought from an Israelite prospective.


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