Jan Schipman

Animals Life After Life

This unique and uplifting book takes the reader on a spiritual journey with animals that have passed over to the Other Side. The animals are still here in spirit to help us know we are never alone. They are giving us signs and messages of love and are by our side always. Hearing their stories will give people hope, fill their hearts with love, and help them know that life goes on after their beloved pet goes to Heaven. Multi-sensory animal communicator Jan Schipman shares readings with the animals in spirit with whom she has connected. They want us to know that life goes on after passing, and they are still with their person giving them signs that they are still living on the Other Side. Jan also tells about the grief process, the transition of the animals before death, and the journey of her life with animals. She hopes readers will be touched by the words of the animals, and feel joy, happiness, and sadness, while helping people before and after their pet has passed on.


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