Lombardi, Craig

Animals, The Map, and the Treasures

Our Invited Readers:

How these animals came together in one place at the same time under the same circumstances, will remain a mystery to be solved. Some say that it was the storm of all storms, that this storm was really the earth shaking for days, tossing the animals up in the sky in the same direction. Others say that the winds swooped them up from the ground and carried them together along the same path. Some even believe that the rains flooded the lands and directed them on the same course. But we know one thing to be true. It happened. And I am here to tell you the story about how a butterfly, a dog, and a horse not only found their way into each other’s lives, but changed each other’s lives forever…

Come join us on this mystical adventure near the region of the Chilean Patagonia, where you will discover how our animal friends learn to navigate through the many challenges and opportunities presented to them along their journey. See how rivers, lakes, volcanoes, and forests take on a new meaning.

Our Invited Parents, Teachers, Mentors, and Caregivers:

An invaluable gift for our loved ones that will enhance their learning in biology, geography, linguistics, psychology, and reflective thinking. Watch their interest and understanding of these concepts become enhanced through adventure, mystery, suspense, and imagination. I trust that they will connect the messages and values in this story to the lifelong opportunities that they will face along their journeys.


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