Prophet Lindburg Templeton & Prophetess Rosemary Templeton

Arisen Truth

Arisen Truth reveals forgotten ancient knowledge and teaching of Jesus called The Way of Truth, sometimes referred to as “his way” and “the way.” This is the missing knowledge traditional church has strayed away from over several centuries. The theme of Truth and practice called “The Way of Truth” was gradually lost over time due to the church corrupting its original doctrines.

This knowledge is partially why many Christians are unsuccessful in prospering. We, the authors, believe the church’s growth has been halted by not implementing the process of Truth. Truth incorporates the Word, The Foundational laws, commandments, and more into one concept. This book reveals how to practice what you learn in the Bible and Church. This book is about more than Salvation but rescuing God’s people from a lack of knowledge.

Christians are being taught a partial understanding of their faith. Perhaps, less than half of what is needed to be actively successful. As a result, many are stagnant, others move forward and fall back continually, and many in the West have dropped out altogether. The Truth was the key theme Jesus taught and practiced while on Earth; it is interwoven in the Bible and placed in the human Spirit. However, you must unlock its secrets.

The formal Church Age is ending. Believers in Jesus Christ are the church and (many) will return to the home meeting place (informal places). This book is the knowledge that will assist you in that transition.


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