Jacqueline Clark

At Last, We Are Free

The pain is deep within her soul. It could go either way. Does she want to be depressed all of her life, to be submissive? Tess does not think so, but does she have the strength and courage to move forward, to start a new life, and pick up the pieces of the broken girl she used to be. She can feel each phase of the pain. Its crushing. Why was she born? Is life really supposed to be this way? The knife moves towards her and slowly enters her chest. she screams…..

Now she is awake The knife is gone, but the pain is still there. It is still in her chest. It’s the pain from the kicks. The bruises covering her body. Thank God the knife was a dream, but the pain is not, and she is afraidshe will be stuck in this bondage for life.


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