Grace Mulenga

Audacious Destiny

What if everything that happens to us, good and bad, is leading to something much bigger than us? What if the discovery of our earthly purpose is hidden in the tapestry of seemingly coincidental occurrences? This inspirational and spiritual memoir by Grace Mulenga tells of her journey of faith, resilience, and the discovery of God’s intentionality. She wrote it especially for those searching for purpose, and who are motivated to reach for the stars despite difficult circumstances. She hopes her story will compel you challenge the status quo, look at life’s twisty roads differently, and perhaps confront some of life’s most uncomfortable questions regarding God.

As you follow Grace on her life’s journey, you might laugh, cry, and maybe even shout for joy. The encouraging and conversational stories she tells will gift you with the most important of all-the story of how much we are all loved as humanity. It is the story of a Father who is audacious about our future and our purpose on earth, no matter the path we find ourselves walking upon.

Readers are sure to connect and identify with Grace’s personal and relatable testimony. By the time you get to the last chapter, you will feel confident about whatever circumstances you are facing. You should feel truly audacious!


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