Thelma Harper Johnson

Ava’s Mystical Wish

Ava and April are loyal sisters. Fortunate to have been raised by loving parents who instilled the importance of kindness, integrity, dignity and faith in God, the girls grew to develop separate passions yet remained each other’s fiercest supporter. While Ava loves to write and is a champion at essay competitions, April has a gift for dance and dreams of one day owning her own dance academy – although making a name for oneself in a highly competitive field is never easy. But when their high school announces a dance competition with a $10,000 scholarship prize attached, Ava realizes this is April’s chance and is determined to see her sister win. She makes a wish and prays it will come true. Unbeknownst to Ava, a beautiful fairy named Maria overheard her plea. But will Ava’s wish be granted? As Ava encourages her sister to reach her goal, she discovers the importance of caring about others, and her generous spirit will garner a second wish, one that will fulfill her own destiny. Ava’s Mystical Wish inspires readers to shoot for the stars and to find true happiness by giving back to others.


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