Collette Schoenegge

Be. That. Person.

In 1986, Collette Schoenegge camped across the U.S. on her own. The most significant item she felt she packed wasn’t her sleeping bag, but a small spiral bound notebook. She had decided to start journaling, and would end up keeping journals for the next 35 years. Her life has taken her across the continent from Alaska to Nantucket Island. Her life has been dynamic, ballistic, carefree, wild, and at times daunting and hopeless. She has had some unimaginable joys, and some unspeakable losses, but somehow has continued to embrace who she truly is. What she found after looking back through her journals, was a life full of people who have given her a little piece of their soul, and she feels that has made all the difference. Collette’s fascinating memoir-journal chronicles what it takes to have a big soul and to know and experience life unhindered, vibrant, and full of gusto. Reading her thought-provoking insights will inspire readers to take road trips, smile, and at best, make a small difference in the world each day.


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