Rameena Barksdale

Behind the Shades

My name is Rameena Barksdale, and as I write this book on domestic violence and toxic relationships, it is the fact that I’m getting out of one right now that compelled me to start this project. I have been in multiple abusive, toxic relationships not by choice, but subconsciously, I’ve chosen what I think I deserve. I wrote this book for two reasons. 1. For the people who don’t understand why women trapped in Domestic Toxic Relationships don’t leave right away and the steps and phases some of us may go through in these relationships. I want to try to help them understand the importance of supporting people in these situations. 2. For the women who are currently trying to get out of these situations and feel that it’s impossible. I’m letting them know that they are not alone and the steps they need to take to get help and get out. People always ask, “why do you stay?” “what is it about him that you just won’t leave?” In this book, I will answer these questions based on a group of women who have been in abusive situations.

A battered woman isn’t dumb for staying. She needs help. This kind of relationship makes a woman feel worthless and that this abuser is all she will have, and most times its financial reasons, fear of abandonment, and low self-esteem. This person isn’t a monster to them. He/she was everything we thought we wanted in the beginning. It always starts correctly.


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