Lowell, Walter

Bending the Curve: Applying Lean Systems Thinking to Government and Service Organizations

Our book, Bending the Curve provides the practitioner, and the leader, a roadmap to success. Our implementation method has been thoroughly tested. Thus, achieving your outcomes is a good bet.

This book is applicable to, federal, state, and local governments, service sector entities such as law firms, businesses, small and/or large, independent of their products and/or outcomes. It is rare that you get the level of detail that we share. As well, you will get more than a sense of what it likely costs and an estimation of what you should expect is outcomes.

Although we had a “burning platform” (we would have had to lay-off employees…. a bad practice if you want to maintain the loyalty of your workforce). It is not a requirement to have a burning platform. We argue that you already have a burning platform. That is, if you are a government, the citizenry is and has been dissatisfied with your performance; you cost too much, you are too slow in delivering product/service and/or the form and function of what to deliver is often not what your customer (yes, your customer ) desires. If you are in a private institution, a practice or a business, your invisible “burning platform” is the same as above, and, your competitor is reading this book and is (or will be) ‘readying ‘ her or himself to put you out of “business”.

We wish you happy reading. We are convinced that you will be more then pleased with your outcomes. THANKS


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