Sherell D. Wilson

Beyond College Access

This novel resource was written for educators and educational leaders, empowering them to meet the needs of traditionally underserved students, from acceptance to commencement and beyond. If you are committed to helping all students succeed in college, this book is for you.

Using a three-pillar system informed by insights and research, Dr. Sherell Wilson’s high-quality, solutions-focused, professional learning guide and workbook for schools, colleges, universities, and education nonprofits provides a research-informed model to improve outcomes and success for underserved college students.

Only about 60 percent of students who enroll in college earn a degree within eight years, and that rate is significantly lower for racial and ethnic minority students and low-income students. Without the same equitable resources as their academic peers, these students often find it easier to simply transfer or drop out. The solution is not more outreach or support programs. Instead, the college experience itself must be fundamentally reevaluated for an increasingly diverse student population, and reshaped to address the deeper roots of the continuing lack of success. Understanding a student’s motivation to continue college enrollment requires learning the key influences on their educational decision-making. Educational leaders need a reliable method that better identifies, measures, and structures student achievement for diverse learner populations in a practical way.

Dr. Wilson addresses the many challenges by using a multifaceted and comprehensive approach. As part of a solid strategy to inspire, inform, and empower educational leaders, the book addresses three main concepts called pillars: enabling successful student transitions, promoting student growth and development, and enhancing student motivation to persist. Each pillar is divided into two parts: to examine and understand (guide) and to explore and develop (workbook). It is an eminently practical and engaging book that includes a wealth of resources and activities, enhanced by students telling of their own experiences. Online bonus resources include a members-only community and more.


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