Steve J.B. Austin

Beyond Thoughts

In Beyond Thoughts, author Steve J.B. Austin traces the fundamental causes that led to the Tunisian revolution. He draws scientific comparisons between some of the social and economic aspects that prevailed in Tunisia before the revolution, and discusses similarities with other Arab countries that are candidates for the revolution. For teachers, Parents and those interested in raising future generations; Obviously I had wished “from the beginning” to write a book about Love, goodness and beauty. Unfortunately, I never learned to take it easy. I’ve dealt with it hard all my life. I think you would agree with me that all of this life is about love, happiness and hope. In an effort to bring you such things, I tried hard to write for you in a different way. Ordinary people don’t feel mentally satisfied this way, they simply believe in the “conspiracy theory.” Altogether, they definitely feel comfortable with it, somehow they don’t like to research for the truth, and keep saying: “it’s what it is”. However, nowtime opportunity knocks at the door with new knowledge, that those who coined the term “conspiracy theory” are the same people who are the true conspiracy makers. Previously, they used the term to escape forward, at the very time when our civilization needs to be more humane…What happened was not the fault of those who believed in human rights, and wanted a decent life. They paid the highest price for the moral principles they believed in all their lives. Now thoughts are lifeless if our heart is not beating for motivation and putting it down while step by step providing it for all of us, especially given that we have the weapon of reason!

Here in this book I tried to explain who invented the Arab revolutions to undermine all countries from within without the need for colonialism. The beginning was in Tunisia, but I focused more on the Egyptian revolution, because Egypt is the largest of the Arab countries; success or failure in Egypt means success or failure in all Arab countries. Even so, I would say:

readers, I am excited by the idea that says: “If you feel like you’re losing something of your love, remember that trees lose their leaves every year, and still stand tall with love, happiness and hope, waiting for new shiny leaves filled with!” Nowtime the author uses a pseudonym, and changes the title of his book for his new goal.


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