Michael Klug

Black Eyed Seraph

In this unique Biblically-inspired fantasy sci-fi page-turner, young Noah is an Anunnakan Watcher with two tasks: to keep the descendants of Mary Magdalene and Jesus from mating, and to retrieve a horde of gold gifted to the Anunnakans by the Founding Fathers of the newly formed United States. In order to complete these tasks Noah must enlist the aid of Jacob, a profoundly autistic thirteen year old and Jack, Jacob’s older brother and caretaker.

Within the story, this highly imaginative novel explores a long list of urban legends and conspiracy theories, including that Fort Knox actually contains no gold, that Jesus and

Mary Magdalene had two children, that Camp Hero at Montauk Air Force Base used young boys in an attempt to time travel, that inter-dimensional beings are making people disappear from our National Parks, that Niburu is in orbit with a red dwarf sister star to our sun, and that George Washington should have been killed in the 1755 Battle of Monongahela. Author Michael Klug hopes readers will look up all the legends and theories and see that they are real, and they do fit together. Every theory could actually be true…

All fans of conspiracy theories will love this book. With the proliferation of paranormal themed radio programs and podcasts it is even easier to take a deep dive into each and every one.


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