LaWanda Smith

Black Pandemic Chronicles

This heartfelt, passionate, and purposeful book by transformation coach LaWanda Smith will make you laugh, cry, and give you hope while providing a glimpse into one woman’s whirlwind life during the COVID-19 pandemic. Told from the standpoint of a Black woman, the story follows how she fell into defeat because of racial judgement during the 2020 global pandemic and her fight to overcome it while launching a million dollar consulting technology company and nonprofit agency. The story also chronicles the lives of three Black men during the pandemic and their fight to continue moving forward despite the obstacles they faced with racial oppression.

We all encounter defeats in life, yet we must never become defeated. LaWanda’s goal in writing this book is to inspire readers to discipline around purpose, turn to faith, understand the struggle African American Blacks still face in this country, and move forward with passion and discipline.


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