Kim Ridley

Blessed to be a Blessing

In her life, Kim Cassandra Ridley has always tried to be a blessing to someone else. She feels we are all called to help one another. Where there is unity there is strength. Even while on government assistance, she was able to bless someone with the little she had, and made a tremendous impact on someone else in need. This inspiring memoir gives readers a glimpse into how the good and bad times in Kim’s life led her to be that blessing to others. Kim is a believer and a living example of how greater things will be manifested for you from your acts of kindness. God can do so much with the little you make available to Him. Her Miracles-N-More outreach ministry benefits her local community by providing resources to homeless and less fortunate women and children to survive on a daily basis. Kim’s goal in writing this book is to inspire all readers to be a blessing and to see the benefit of doing so without looking for anything in return. Get ready to step up your help and volunteerism. Don’t miss your moment for blessing others. Some plant, some water, but God gives the increase. 1 Corinthians 3:7. A donation of 10% of the book proceeds will go to a woman’s shelter.


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