Marlene M Cole

Blooming Time

Jita is an African American girl who is used to facing life’s obstacles with strength and determination and, in turn, conquering every single one. But her latest hurdle of puberty may prove to be her most difficult challenge yet. Puberty and menstruation are both deeply personal and public making it a complex topic to deal with. With her parent’s support, Jita is ready for a journey of self-discovery and maturation. What will she learn about herself, her friends, and the world around her along the way? Will she be able to overcome the challenges and talk about her feelings? And could she help others to do the same? In Blooming Time, physician and reproductive health advocate, Dr. Marlene M. Cole educates girls on the basics of reproductive health. While dispensing practical advice on handling puberty with confidence, she explains how to manage expectations and shares a wealth of knowledge. A poignant story of young female empowerment, Blooming Time is a helpful companion for any adolescent girl.


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