Antoinette Martins, M.ED, MHC

Blue Rain; Imperfectly Perfect but Uniquely Me

Everyone can overcome difficulty in their daily lives when dealing with personal, social, work, and relationship struggles. It’s not easy, and it will take some work. By learning coping skills, you do not change who you are, instead you come to understand your own uniqueness, which leads to strengthening your character.

While attending any of the Blue Rain; Workshops-Blue Rain; Light, Blue Rain; Dark, Blue Rain; Young Adults, or Blue Rain; Experienced Adults-the facilitator will guide you through different topics designed to assist in learning how to understand your own uniqueness and strength of character. Each 12-week workshop is structured to help build your confidence using strength-based and reality-based techniques to develop coping skills that provide additional support related to daily stressors such as personal, social, work, and relationship struggles.


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