Jodiann A. Morgan

Broken Pieces Into A Whole

The paradoxical concepts of pain, power, triumph, and trauma that we experience through life’s extraordinary journeys become the major pieces in the foundation of our whole being, and the main sources of who we are. From overwhelming struggles and challenges to unconditional joy and wondrous celebrations, Jodiann A. Morgan constructed the powerful and emotional poems in this collection as mirrors, not only in reflection of her mistakes and miracles, but to help others embrace their battles, discover their own identities, and gain a new understanding of God’s love, sacrifice, and grace that guide, protect, and lead them to an eternal breakthrough. With divine empathy, each poem is deeply connected to who she is, but written to touch every broken heart, flooded mind, and silent warrior. Through God’s eyes, the messes we indulge in are the clay He uses to mold us into beautiful models to be put on display in His museum of divine transformation to attract greatness for His glory. For every broken part of us that exists, we need our broken pieces to fit together to let His promise manifest in our lives.


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