David P. Nolte

But Is It In The Bible?

As practicing Christians, we are guided by doctrine and church policies, but have you ever wondered what the Bible actually says on these matters? With over five decades of service in Christian ministry, David P. Nolte has fielded a multitude of questions related to Christian church governance over the years, and after an exhaustive search within the pages of the Bible, David has found the answer. In But, Is It in the Bible, David puts widely accepted Christian doctrines and practices to the test. Cross-referencing current Christian dogma with the Bible alone, David reveals how the New Testament is appropriated and employed to serve Christian leaders. Affirming his belief in Christ, David calls on Christian leaders and teachers to refocus their efforts on the unity, liberty and love modeled by Christ. But, Is It in the Bible challenges our perceptions and makes a strong case for advancing sound doctrine within the Christian faith.


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