Jessica W Lee (Author, Illustrator), Destiny J Lee (Editor)

Can We Be Friends?

In this unique bilingual children’s picture book, Leon is an excitable and lively five-year-old. Leon has an adorable pet guinea pig named Panda. However, Panda doesn’t like some of the ways Leon plays with her, and she is often afraid to play with Leon. Panda’s rejection makes Leon sad and frustrated. He really wants to be Panda’s friend and play games with her!This playful story is a great way to create important discussions with children ages 2-8 about why they should play nicely with their pets. The colorful book includes both English and Chinese text: Which is perfect for parents, teachers, and caregivers with kids interested in integrating Chinese language into a child’s growing linguistic skills or honing their existing Chinese linguistic skills. Additionally, the Chinese text is Romanized so parents can read it to their children even if they are non-fluent speakers.


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