Leigh, Nicole

Can You Feel Me?: A story of love, grief, death and our purpose here and how to stay connected to our loved ones.

Can You Feel Me is the inspirational and hopeful journey of a USMC Gold Star Mother who, in the space of a year, has suddenly lost both her husband and her son. Travel along with the author as she strives to find meaning and answers to life’s important questions: What is our purpose? What is death? Why did this happen to me? How do I move on from here?

As she challenges herself to face life, grief, and death, and strives to answer her burning questions, she finds her sixteen-year career as a nurse changing directions. She chooses to transition to hospice nursing in an attempt to study life, death, and grief up close. In doing so and helping those in need, she also finds answers to her own questions. In her highly personal story, religion and science are intertwined to make sense of loss, why it happens, and how we can honor and maintain a connection to our loved ones after passing.


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