Steve Pendelton

Capricorn Chuck’s Cruel World

In his early thirties and working as a corrections officer, Chuck Barreto is at a crossroads in life. Years earlier, the love of his life Shandi was murdered, and he recently lost his father in the 9/11 terrorist attack, which has reopened old wounds. Still haunted by the past but trying to move on, Chuck is working on writing a memoir and building the ranch Shandi had always dreamed of. He and his siblings stand to inherit a large parcel of land from their mother, but a ruthless development group has its sights set on it and engages the help of a politician and realtor to convince the family to sell. As pressure mounts, he is unwittingly pulled into a villainous plot that threatens to destroy everything he holds dear. When an FBI investigator makes a connection to Shandi’s murder, he begins to unravel and loyalties are put to the test. An epic showdown ensues, and Chuck learns the corruption is more far-reaching than he imagined. But will he live to find out who is pulling the strings?


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