Katy Hoover

Changing Tides

In this time of universal loss, hear from one who has survived.

Hoover is an emerging voice that you will want to hear.

“In the personal, private questioning, we are often without words or a way forward.” voiced Hoover

“Changing Tides” gives words to those who live through disorienting, unimaginable loss.

In this vulnerable, yet powerfully hopeful collection of freestyle poetry and ocean photography, Hoover brings you on her journey to process and make room for the death of her son Kody. By comparing and contrasting her experience, with the natural rhythms of the ocean, she finds faith that helps her to survive the unthinkable and find joy. “I pray that “Changing Tides” will let others know they are not alone and help them find their way.” Hoover shared.

A revealing look into grief for those who walk along side of the bereaved and victims of trauma.


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