Pamela Graham

Children, Hit the Gully!

Hurrah! Alphonso’s chores are all done, and the next hour is his own. Unfortunately, his mom has other ideas. “My grandmother just moved to town. We should go visit her.” No way! Alphonso is not happy about being dragged along, and plans to sit and mope in the corner. But as Grandma opens up about her childhood so long, long ago, his interest comes to life. As the evening progresses, he is drawn more and more into her stories, and in the end he is excited to come back often to visit with his great-grandmother.

This beautifully illustrated picture book aimed at ages 3-10 provides parents, teachers, and caregivers a model for a successful generational visit and demonstrates how families can connect, no matter how great the age difference. With a few helpful questions, a memorable and enjoyable experience can be had by all.


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