Lindalouise (Author), Kerrie Robertson (Illustrator)

Cletus, the Little Loggerhead Turtle

Cletus, the Little Loggerhead Turtle is a funny children’s book full of adventure and action, depicting two tiny loggerhead turtle’s journeys to the surf. Cletus and Charley’s adventure begins when they crack open their shells and emerge at their nest’s top. The other hatchlings crawl toward the moonlight in the night sky, directly into the surf except for Cletus. Cletus’s brother Charley tries to convince Cletus to stop climbing the wall and follow him to the surf. Cletus thinks that climbing the wall is a shortcut to the water and learns it was not a good idea! During his adventurous travels to the surf, Cletus endures many obstacles throughout the story and wonders if he will ever get to the surf. He meets two caring friends, a hermit crab named Leonardo and a sandpiper named Oceana, who shares their knowledge of the beach and the Sargasso Sea with him and safely guides him to the surf. Cletus learns many life lessons from his friends, for example, the value of true friendship and how important it is to care for each other. He will carry much wisdom for his latest adventure to the Sargasso Sea.


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