Gerard J. De Santis

Cold War Veteran’s Honor

The Cold War started in 1945 and continued to cast gloom over the world until 1991. There are many books written about that time, but few describe the great sacrifices made by the millions of military personnel who served during that era. In the Cold War era over 3500 of those warriors paid the ultimate price of life or liberty, and 124 U.S. soldiers are still listed as missing in action from Cold War covert operations.

Over the past three decades much deserving emphasis has been placed upon honoring our veterans who served during wartime. In contrast, insufficient recognition is given to veterans who served in the one era that actually prevented a war. This book goes into great detail describing various Cold War hot fire situations, including listing those killed or harmed by hostile fire as well as those killed or injured in training accidents in preparation to do battle.

This book was written to educate the public regarding the perils that Cold War veterans faced while serving their country overseas, and to encourage the United States Congress to enact the necessary legislation to acknowledge and bring respect, recognition, and awareness to veterans of the Cold War era no matter what branch of service, whether active duty, reserve, or National Guard.

The United States and The Peoples Republic Of China are currently entering into a whole new cold war. Hopefully the U.S. government honors those future cold war veterans in a more substantial manner than they expressed for the previous Cold War veterans.


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