Charles M. Good, Jr.

Colonial & Antebellum Virginia

Virginia has long been regarded as a place of great historical significance. Yet, the noteworthy events of the pre-Civil War era in the Commonwealth’s southwestern region, Montgomery County in particular, have long been overshadowed by other parts of the state. Montgomery County played many significant but under-appreciated roles in Virginia and U.S. history, particularly during the period of Westward Expansion. This fascinating pictorial history offers a unique look at the development of Montgomery County’s cultural landscape and spotlights the vital part this county played in shaping the national record prior to the Civil War. Featuring Native American and European exchanges, colonization, expansion, and the understudied and largely invisible roles of the enslaved, this insightful narrative raises an awareness and mindfulness of the past and advances the mission of heritage conservation. Original photography and maps chronicle the societal and architectural changes during the first half of the region’s recorded history and are essential complements to the rich and well-researched text. Engaging and informative, Colonial & Antebellum Virginia: Images of Montgomery County’s Historical-Cultural Landscape presents a lasting, visual legacy of Montgomery County’s past.


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