L. Keith Bauguess

Come Out and Die

As winter fully descends upon the most scenic capital city in the United States, a serial killer emerges to exact his revenge on its occupants. Set in the coastal community of Juneau, Alaska, the annual legislative session is underway, when a young senator is brutally murdered shortly after leaving the capitol. Her death sends shock waves through the halls of the building and the town’s citizens.

The short days and the long dark nights of winter will serve the killer’s purpose well, as he watches in plain sight. To most, an invitation brings excitement.

To those who receive this special invite, only one thing is required of them: “Come out and die.”

Jack the Ripper looks like an amateur compared to the horror this butcher enacts upon his victims.

If you love suspense and being on the edge of your seat, Come Out and Die is a must-read for you. However, be prepared to be left feeling unnerved, especially the next time you are alone at home or walking down a quiet side street with no one else around.


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