Kathleen S. Roos

Coming to America

A different perspective on America’s history as told by immigrants to the U.S. who left their home countries to pursue life, liberty, and a dream of happiness. Immigrants who have lived under varying degrees of socialism, communism, or dictatorships, and many of whom lived through conditions and horrors that most Americans thankfully will never experience. These are heartfelt stories from average men and women who do not take freedom for granted.

This thought-provoking compilation was born of a desire to portray what these hope-filled people experienced, and illustrate what Dr. Kathleen S. Roos sees as deleterious actions of some in our own government for political power and not the betterment of the country or its people. Far beyond the rhetoric of blustery sound bites and agenda maneuvering, these simple, emotional stories illustrate the important human journey that accompanies each and every immigrant who reaches our county.

Knowledge of these impactful stories will encourage readers to delve deeper into our history, and to stop believing everything they are told but rather to educate themselves about the promises and rhetoric made by both politicians and activists in this country today. As Country Singer/Song Writer John Rich and Commentator, Candace Owens state: “Experience outweighs your opinion.”


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