Kelley Mha, Janice Marie

COVID-19 Living and Learning in a Bubble

Since the experts have no idea how long this virus will be among us, we must learn how to live and learn while the novel coronavirus exists. We are fighting an invisible enemy, so we must be prepared as much as possible to survive this deadly infectious agent.As a practicing physician, it has always been necessary for me to use protective measuresin order to prevent contracting or spreading infectious agents that have been a part ofthe routine practices of medically treating and providing care for many. Hence, I wanted to share some of this knowledge, especially as it pertains to COVID-19.

Our educators have taught us that we learn by different methods, so, I just wanted to put another source out there for everyone to read and have as a reference.Each chapter goes into details that explain why each protective measure is needed and how to use it. There is a chapter dedicated to staying mentally healthy during this pandemic and the organizations and numbers to call when there is a need for help.


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