J. Michael Orr

Covid-19 Poetry

“EASY TO READ” 100 pages Author J. Michael Orr offers a unique poetic twist on the times and events that occurred during 2020, 2021, and prevailing well into 2022. Metrical verses about issues during the turbulent COVID-19 pandemic including Face Masks, Social Distancing, Lockdowns, Virus Curve, Vaccines, Delta “V”, Mandates, Omicron, Social Unrest, Protests, George Floyd, Kenosha Riots, BLM, Politics, Elections, Border Crisis, Afghanistan, Inflation, Cancel Culture, In God We Trust, Patriotism, The Flag, Sports, and a little on “Old Age”….plus some humor and other stuff we all experience daily. “Riveting, Provocative, Encouraging, Humorous”


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